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  • What is the official unit of measurement?
    Official measurement is metric. Therefore, the official jump distances will be metric.
  • How will seeding for the event be determined?
    Seeding will be from the IWWF Elite List at the time the running order is issued (no later than the Tuesday prior to the tournament). If a skier is not ranked on the Elite List, they will be seeded below all Elite Ranked Skiers based on the IWSF Dynamic list at the time the running order is issued.
  • Will there be a skiers' meeting prior to the event?
    Thursday Skiers' Meeting: There will be a briefing Thursday evening (time to be posted at a later date). Attendance is NOT REQUIRED. Qualifying Round 2 Skiers: A MANDATORY skiers' meeting will be held Friday evening (approximately 30 minutes after Friday tournament, excluding any night events) for all the skiers qualified for their corresponding Round 2. Skier's Representative: If you cannot attend a meeting and will be sending a representative, notify The Pro Ski Tour to ensure the representative is on the Skier Representative List.
  • When will slalom handles be measured?
    Handles will be checked after each skier competes in each round. If a handle is out of tolerance, the skier will be scored 0.
  • I want to protest my score. What do I do?
    Protests must be registered by the skier or skier's representative (listed on the Skier's Representatives List) within 15 minutes of the occurrence and must be submitted with appropriate IWWF rule and $250 protest fee. Skier's representative may not include a sponsor / vendor representative or selected Malibu Open officals.
  • Will I need to submit a tax number if I win prize money?
    Every skier who makes the finals (wins prize money) is required to turn in their tax number and sign a tax form before skiing. If LLC or S-corp, an EIN number is required, not your SSN. Acquiring an ITIN may take up to 6-8 weeks, therefore foreign skiers should start this process as soon as possible.
  • When will jump handles / ropes be measured?
    Jump lines will be checked prior to each skier's round.
  • What is the reride policy?
    Rerides for weather related issues (wind, rain, etc) or potential small lagoon obstacles (rollers, ducks, minor trash, etc) will not be given, unless requested by the official before the next contestant starts.
  • What is the Malibu Open?
    The Malibu Open is a elite level water ski tournment. The objective of this event is to display water skiing to the public local and via webcast at a competition level site. Athletes are encouraged to interact with the public. It is the responsibility of all skiers and members of The Pro Ski Tour to be professional and to show hospitality to all on site. It takes the support of the skiers and sponsors to make these events successful.
  • I need to cancel my entry in the Malibu Open. What do I do?
    Cancellations (and potential refunds) will be issued based upon the availability to fill the slot and timing of notification to tournament registration via email notification to per the following: - Greater than 45 days prior to the event: if the position of the event can be filled (after maximum entries for the event), 100% refund. A $25 cancellation fee will be retained in all cases for refund (online fees, etc). - Less than 45 days prior to the event: NO refund will be given.
  • In the event of injury, who replaces the injured skier?"
    If a skeir is injured during qualifying and cannot continue to the next round, the next skier with the highest score will ski n the place of the injured, qualified skier. In the event of head-to-head competition, if an injured skier cannot compete, the next skier with the highest score will ski in the head-to-head. The Pro Ski Tour will provide the guidelines to maintain integrity to the skiers and tournmanet prior to continuing.
  • Can I bring a cooler to the event?
    No coolers will be allowed through the gates. Food and alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase from our vendors.
  • I'm a junior skier. How do I get an invite to ski in the Malibu Open?
    Junior invitations will be awarded to the top-3 eligible U21 and top 3 eligible U17 skiers as per the May 2019 IWWF Ranking List (updated April 2019). Unfilled slots will be extended to the next availabel skier on the list.
  • What could cause a tournament delay?
    Tournament stoppage will only occur if conditions either put the safety of the spectators, skiers or officials at risk (i.e. lightning or as directed by safety personnel) or as otherwise directed by The Pro Ski Tour.
  • How will the prize money be distributed?
    This may change based onteh money raised/expenses and the number of skiers in the division as determined by The Pro Ski Tour. Elite Men's Slalom: 1st - $5500 2nd - $4000 3rd - $2000 4th - $1500 5th - $1000 6th - $700 7th - $500 8th - $335 Elite Women's Slalom: 1st - $5500 2nd - $4000 3rd - $2000 4th - $1500 5th - $1000 6th - $700 Elite Men's Jump: 1st - $7000 2nd - $5000 3rd - $2500 4th - $1700 5th - $1500 6th - $800 7th - $600 8th - $400 Elite Women's Jump: 1st - $5500 2nd - $4000 3rd - $2000 4th - $1500 5th - $1000 Junior Events: 1st - $500 (total of $4000)
  • Can I still enter the Malibu Open as an athlete?
    Entry is limited and registration is currently full. However, we are accepting entrants on a waitlist in the event of a potential cancallation of one of our other athletes.
  • Do I need to wear a bib to compete?
    Bibs must be worn during competition and returned after skiing. If a skier skis without a bib, the skier will be fined $200 or scored a 0.
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